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Protective Coatings The best decorative and protective trailer floor coatings

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Welcome Our Coatings Story

Acrylic, Epoxy and Polyaspartic Floor Coatings

High performance decorative and protective coatings at great prices. With decades of experience manufacturing and distributing materials to the home improvement and construction industry, we have discovered parallel uses for our high performance coatings in the trailer industry.

We’ve never been so excited to share with you our coatings products, knowledge and the amazing benefits that they provide. From large semi-trailers to small enclosed trailers we have a floor coating solution for you. Learn more about us and the floor coating technologies we manufacture and distribute around the world.

Trailer Floor Coatings Phoenix

Our Commitment High Quality, Training and Technical Support

The Best Trailer Floor Coatings
High Quality Coatings

High Quality Products

Our coatings are GUARANTEED to be defect free and perform to their architectural specifications. Our team is composed of chemists and engineers with decades of experience in the coatings industry. Using only high quality raw materials and following stringent manufacturing guidelines we have been able to ensure high quality products.
Floor Coating Training


Decorative and protective coatings require special training. This training ensures that the substrate surface is properly prepared, coating materials are properly mixed, and application windows are adhered to. This ensures our high quality coatings not only last, but that they also perform as expected throughout their service life.
Coatings Technical Support

Technical Support

From time to time questions and issues arise. We have trained technical staff that are knowledgeable in the application, removal, and maintenance of floor coatings. We are here to guide and support your growing business with our high quality, decorative and protective coatings.

Trailer Coating Benefits

Improved Trailer Durability, Efficiency, and Return on Investment

Flooring Chips

Whether you are updating, improving, renovating and remodeling, or outfitting an old or new trailer our floor coatings offer improved durability and efficiency. What does this mean?

Improved Trailer Durability – Applying coatings to the floor and walls of your trailer not only improve its appearance, but offer increased durability and protection from the elements. Epoxy and Polyaspartic coatings in particular offer excellent durability and chemical resistance. With proper maintenance and care of your trailer coating you can effectively increase the useful life of your trailer. 

Improved Trailer Efficiency – Trailers that have been properly coated offer improved efficiencies to its owners and operators. Finished trailers are much easier to keep clean and organized, and can extend the useful life of trailers. Less down time and more operational time equals higher efficiency and more return on your investment (ROI).

Improved Trailer ROI – Trailer dealers, outfitters and owners all benefit from an improved return on investment (ROI) with trailer coatings. Trailer owners benefit from trailer coatings with reduced time spent maintaining and cleaning their respective trailers. Trailer dealers and outfitters benefit by offering a premium coating option that offers their customers extra protection at the same time as providing improved ROI for both parties.

Enclosed Trailer Coated