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Acrylic Coating

acrylic coating bucket

Acrylic Coating

  • Low Cost
  • Easy Application
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Light Use

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Acrylic Coating Process

The application process is the same for your trailer as it would be on a garage floor. First mix the acrylic coating with your desired pigment, next pour coating onto your trailer floor, and evenly spread the coating in your trailer. After you apply the first coating wait an hour for the coating to dry and apply a second coating. After you apply the second coating if you want your trailer floor to be slip-resistant. You can add an optional aluminum oxide anti-slip additive. While the second coating is still wet sprinkle the aluminum oxide additive on top of the coating. 

Easy To Apply

acrylic pavers before and after coating

Our acrylic coating is a cost-effective way to transform your trailer. The acrylic coating is made for light usage while also offering protection. The easy-to-apply coating only takes one person to do. It also has great adhesion so you don’t have to worry about the acrylic coating peeling off your trailer.  The Benefits of using acrylic over other coatings are that it is very cheap and gives great results, perfect for restoring old trailers. 

aluminum oxide anti slip additive in acrylic
Acrylic Coating With Aluminum Oxide Anti-Slip Additive