Our Floor Coatings In Action

metallic epoxy decorative coating

With being in the floor coating industry for decades we have a lot of experience with applying acrylic, epoxy, and polyaspartic coatings in all types of environments. Our coatings have been proven to excel in any sort of environment whether it be residential, commercial, or industrial.  Each of our coatings is used for its own unique purpose. Our acrylic coating is best suited for quick and easy application while offering some protection it is our most cost-effective option. Our epoxy coating is best for areas that might experience a lot of traffic with its great durability and good chemical resistance this is a great middle-ground option. Our polyaspartic coating is our best coating yet, most suited for high-traffic industrial areas, but is also regularly used in residential areas. Our polyaspartic coating offers abrasion resistance that is 4x stronger than our epoxy coating. It is also UV resistant and has great chemical resistance. 

Metallic Epoxy Garage Floor – Phoenix, AZ

metallic epoxy garage floor

This metallic garage floor was done right here in Phoenix, Arizona. Metallic garage floors are unique in that no two metallic floors will look the same. This is because of the intriqute preparation and application process that is involved with a metallic floor coating. We recommend that metallic flooring is done by a professional with experience working with metallic epoxy pigments. 

Multi-Color Epoxy Garage Floor – Mesa, AZ

This awsome looking garage floor was done in Mesa, Arizona by one of our highly experienced certified Slide-Lok contractors. The customer wanted something unique and this is truly that. The two different chip blends are separated by a solid red racing stripe.  The process for doing such a complex design on a garage floor should be left to the professionals. Even with how great this flooring looks it doesn’t take away from the protective properties offered by our epoxy coating.

Epoxy Garage Floor and Cabinets – Fort Lauderdale, FL 

The garage is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and received a full Slide-Lok make-over. The garage floor was coated in our epoxy coating with white silver flooring chips. The back wall of the garage has our slat wall on it. The slat wall is great for hanging bikes, tools, sports equipment, and much more. In addition, there are a variety of different attachment accessories for the slat wall. The cabinets are great for adding additional storage space to your garage. 

Polyaspartic Coating on Driveway – Conway, SC

This driveway in Conway, South Carolina was completely redone with our polyaspartic coating. The polyaspartic coating is great for coating surfaces outdoors. This is because of the polyaspartic’s UV resistance, which prevents yellowing even in intense direct sunlight. Not only was their driveway coated in our polyaspartic coating the inside of the garage as well as the walkway have also been coated. 

Various Before and After Photos

Here is a mix of different jobs from all over the United States.