Semi-Trailer Renovation

semi trailer outside

Phoenix, AZ – 2021

semi trailer outside

Semi-Trailers are constantly being loaded and unloaded with many different things like chemicals, heavy equipment, or shipments. That is why you must coat your trailer floor to help increase the lifespan of your trailer. Our epoxy and polyaspartic coatings offer great protection from heavy shipments that can slide and damage your flooring during transport. It also has great chemical resistance for any chemical spills that your trailer floor might encounter. 

semi trailer floor uncoated
semi trailer floor coated

A local customer came into our Phoenix, AZ warehouse to pick up the materials necessary to coat his semi-trailer. The semi-trailers floor was damaged from long-term general usage. The wood was scored and chipped. Various chemical spills stained the wood and could deteriorate its strength. That is why your should coat your trailer to help protect it from damage that can happen just by using your trailer. In addition, the glossy look of the epoxy coating makes the inside of the trailer look much more appealing, this is important for return on investment (ROI). If you want to resell your trailer it must look new. Coating your trailer floor does just that and also gives the added benefit of protecting the trailer floor.

It is very simple to coat your trailer yourself. All you have to do is mix the epoxy A with the epoxy B and add in whatever pigment color you want your flooring to be. Then pour your coating onto the trailer floor and evenly spread it out using a squeegee or paint it onto the trailer floor with a paint roller. Two coats are recommended so after your first coat wait 6 – 8 hours for the epoxy to dry and add your second coat.